Inspired (Feb 2015)

February was a funny month. After so optimistically writing about embracing the winter Montreal was hit with a major cold front. We had minus 20 degree Celsius weather or colder for most of February. And lots of wind chill. It was cold, and it was unforgiving and instead of embracing it I ran for my covers. This happens to me a lot: I develop a sunny and optimistic attitude towards things that can be perceived as hard or difficult and then the world decides to put my optimism to the test. Really put it to a test. Winter, you won on this one. I admit defeat. You were a tough hard winter this year. I am looking forward to the spring.


In addition to running for my covers this month, I also ran towards a warm kitchen. I did a lot of cooking, recipe development and photographing. I wrote up a few posts, but I never ended up publishing them. I didn’t feel like the recipes and photographs were quite complete. I am still getting my blog feet on and getting into the swing of formal recipe development and photographing. What I am learning is that it takes time to develop recipes. The biggest task for me is thinking ahead and allowing for time for the recipes to unfold. I am excited though. I started this blog to challenge both my culinary and creative skills and I already feel challenged on both fronts. Feels like a win to me.


(from a yummy chocolate mess that I made- recipe coming very, very soon!)

I thought I would take this post to share with you a few food things that have inspired me over the past month. Even though it has been cold and hard climate out there, not everything has been lackluster. There you go- there my my sunny optimism shinning through again.

I had this great moment a few days ago when I was making a strawberry pie  from some summer strawberries that were stored away in the freezer. It was after a busy day at work and I was standing at my kitchen island rolling out the crust that had been chilling in the fridge that day. I was so content doing such a simple task: standing there, working with my hands and allowing my senses to come alive. I have never been one for formal mediation instead moments like this are my mediation. My brain stops thinking and I just start being. It was an inspiring moment and one that I know I will come back and back to. This is only one of the many reasons why I love making food. And for the record the pie was pretty tasty. I just finished it for breakfast.

Here are a few things that have inspired me around this web this month.

-I love this post from Orangette. It puts a huge smile on my face. It is mainly the comfort of having a good mug and remembering what it was like as a kid to enjoy such treats. It has also encouraged me to up my hot chocolate consumption this month so thank-you. Much needed. Have I mentioned how cold it has been?

-I have been making Kimchi all winter. I am going to prepare my next batch using this recipe from from Nutrition Stripped. It has leeks in it, which makes me insanely excited.

-I recently bought Quench: Handcrafted Beverages to Satisfy Every Taste & Occasion . I am excited to dive into the summer drinks, but I so far enjoyed the hot beverages (mainly the Hot Toddies). The author, Ashley English, has a very sweet blog called Small Measure. She makes me want to pack up my bags and move to the North Carolina mountains.

-I simply love this post from Vegetarian Ventures. It reminds me of the many camping trips that I did this past summer and fall. I cooked a few really good pots of stew by putting the pot in the hot amber and allowing it to sit there all day. Camping food is always the tastiest. Any vacation I go on, I want there to be a tent. And I agree with Shelly- fall camping really is the best.

That is it for now. I will be back soon with actual recipes! Wishing you as always happy reading and happy eating!!


xoxo Rosemary

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