Hi! My name is Rosemary and I am author and cook of With Thyme. As you can see by looking at the archives this site is still very new. I am excited to see how it is going to grow and evolve and that you have dropped by to be a part of it. With Thyme is food journal with a few extra goodies thrown in. The recipes and stories I share come from my life and the people and places that inspire me.

I was born and raised by the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. If you have never been to Nova Scotia, you should put it on your list. It is a beautiful place full of fine people. I moved to Montreal a few years ago for adventures and to learn french. It is a vibrant, active city full of culture and language. You should visit here too if you haven’t. The french, you ask? How is that going? Well, let’s say I am still en train…

The way I eat is shaped by a wide range of influences around me that is always evolving. I love using foods that most people considered healthy such as whole grains, pulses, natural sweeteners and things that are organic and free range. I am completely and madly in love with vegetables and am heavily influenced by so many great vegetarian cooks, however, after 12 years of being vegetarian I now included small amounts of meat in my diet.  I grew up with food allergies. This was hard as a kid, however provided me a good knowledge of food and health. My allergies are pretty mild these days, though I keep it light on the wheat and dairy products.

I don’t have too many rules when it comes to health. I believe health and what we need to do to achieve it is unique to each of us. For me it is about using foods that speak to me, listening to my body and enjoying what I eat. And eating lots of vegetables. Did I mention I love vegetables?

I have a keen interested in knowing where food comes in both a geographical and cultural sense. I believe that food can change your life, not only in the way it nourishes us, but how it connects us to other people and the world around us. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or connect through social media.

Happy reading & happy eating!