Contraction and Expansion

We had a fresh snowfall overnight, a good foot, enough to bury the cars on the street. All my neighbours were busy digging themselves out this morning, lots of shovels and tires spinning on the ice. I went out around noon to run some errands and there was a lady standing on her stoop, sucking back a cigarette. As I passed she said “vivre la neige.” Big smile on my face. Vivre la neige indeed. I love winter, bring on the snow, bring on the weather. I would not want to live in a place without this season. I love walking in a fresh snowfall and I love the slow transition from winter to spring after the solstice has passed and the light outside is completely illuminated and alive.

I know this is an overly romantic view of winter and in reality it’s pretty different for most of us. December is generally a busy and exhausting time of year and dealing with the cold, ice and slush can be tiresome.  Putting on layer after layer of clothing has its limits.  However, I stand by my belief that winter is a special time of year. It’s a great time to reflect, grow and bring in the new.

This year birth is literally happening for me on the edge of winter and the timing seems perfect. Our baby will coming in the beginning of March, and yes, that sure is still winter in this part of the world. We will probably be in the middle of snow storm that week.

Pregnancy has been good to me and I have been lucky to have such an easy first one. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when your blood stream gets so flooded with hormones that it is hard to cope, but all-in-all I have really loved the changes my body has gone through in the last eight plus months. Yep, I am totally one of those annoying women. I will be sad to let the pregnancy go.

I spent a good amount of time in January freaking out about raising this child. A normal thing to do when you are expecting, I have been told. I am naturally an introvert, so the whole inward nourishing, reflection and growth comes pretty easy to me. I am more scared of the stuff that is going to require me to expend my energy outwards like talking to the kid. Ha! But this child is coming and very quickly it will grow and start and require all kinds of answers to all kinds of questions. I’ll love raising this child without a doubt and hopefully I will be able to embrace both the loud chaotic moments and those more quiet reflective moments.

Next winter means more snowsuits, hats, gloves and hopefully not too much complaining about having to get all bundled up to go outside. Will it also mean sledding, exploring snowbanks, counting snowflakes and still being romanticized by winter? On va voir. Vivre la neige.

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